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June 23, 2021

5 Tips on How to Layer Your Jewellery

Even in times of COVID restrictions and evenings spent at home, we’re still big believers in the confidence-boosting power of glamming up an outfit. There are mornings when we want nothing more than to cosy up in a comfy tracksuit, but on days that call for a dressier look, nothing makes us feel ‘done’ as quickly as jewellery.  

However, there’s a definite art to picking out your pendants and jewellery layering, whether you’re dressing for a garden party or a hectic Zoom meeting. So, here are five tips on how to get the balance just right with some of our favourite summer jewellery pieces for 2021.

1. Coordinate For Texture

Shop the look: Melanie Brooch, Rylee Rose Gold Necklace

When you layer jewellery, aim for what feels like a natural balance. That means mixing up the various weights and densities of the items you wear. After all, you’ll need the more delicate jewellery – like the Rylee Rose Gold Necklace – to provide interesting details and a foundation for layering with heavier pieces that can serve as more eye-catching focal points for your outfit. The Knight & Day Melanie Brooch, which sports a faux pearl and Swarovski crystal, is the perfect statement piece to pair with a subtle pendant.


2. Mix Up The Lengths

Shop the look: Hadley Necklace

Even your three favourite necklaces won’t go well together if they’re all the same length. Not only will the view of each of them be obscured, but it may look like you’ve got a big metal hoop around your neck – to say nothing of the risk of them constantly tangling. Different lengths are a good idea for necklaces and bracelets alike, to allow each piece to enchant the eye in their own right, as part of a harmonious overall look. The Hadley Necklace  is one of our go-to pairings.


3. Focus On One Jewellery Style

Shop the look: Alexis Bracelet, Drop Pendant Black Stone 

While multiple types of jewellery can be layered, you can bring more focus to your look by choosing just one style to layer at a time. So, one day, it might simply be your necklaces that you layer, while you go for just the one bracelet like the Alexis Bracelet. On another occasion, you may prefer only layering your bracelets. An exception to this rule would be if you’re sticking to smaller and daintier pieces that won’t overwhelm your outfit.In this case, you can do as much jewellery layering as you dare.


4. Aim For Thin and Slim

Shop the look: Crown Necklace in Rose Gold

When layering jewellery – at least to begin with – it’s probably better to be a little cautious as opposed to overly bold. It’s so easy for many of us to have two or three chunky pieces we love, which – when worn together – may make us look weighed down (and feel uncomfortable too boot). By contrast, thinner and slimmer necklaces and bracelets like the Crown Necklace in Rose Gold and Amethyst Bracelet May will help you get used to the extra weight that comes with layering your jewels.


5. Aim For Thin and Slim

Shop the look: Amelia Necklace, Lace Sleeve Top in Mint 


Have you ever wondered why the walls of modern art galleries are so… well, white? The short answer is that it helps throw focus on the true ‘stars of the show’ – the art. You can apply a similar principle to your jewellery layering. Wearing a brightly-coloured or loudly-patterned sweater or blouse could overshadow your jewellery, but by giving it a neutral, solid-coloured backdrop, you can free up your latest necklace, pendant or brooch to (quite literally) shine. So, if you fancy treating yourself to something like the Amelia Necklace with its gold and silver plating, an understated and classy work-from-home essential such as Kelly & Grace Weekend’s Lace Sleeve Top in Mint could be the ideal accompaniment. 

Don’t over-think your jewellery layering; after all, this process is supposed to be about expressing yourself and your own style. To start getting ideas for your summer ensemble, browse our complete collection of summer jewellery for 2021.