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June 10, 2021

6 Holiday Outfits & Essentials For a Staycation

At times when overseas travel may not be possible – or even when it is – there are few things as fun and rewarding as a staycation. It’s a great opportunity to discover local sights and sounds while indulging in home comforts. Plus, you don’t have the stress of finding your passport or early airport dashes. 

But, like any trip, a staycation requires careful planning and packing. So, are you fully kitted out for what promises to be one of the most exciting summers many of us have had for years? If in doubt, now is the time to invest in the perfect summer holiday outfits – along with a host of seasonal extras to get you staycation-ready.

1. The Wear-Everywhere Knits

Shop the look: Rainbow Knit in Pink, Rainbow Sleeve Knit in Yellow


We know what you’re thinking: are knits the most obvious thing to have in a holiday wardrobe? The short answer is, no. However, a staycation does require you to be prepared for unpredictable weather at home. This part-pink rainbow knit from Kelly & Grace Weekend has everything you need in a comfortable staycation top, including a lightweight feel that makes it easy to layer. What’s more, it’s a wardrobe staple that will feel stylish long beyond summer. For a slightly different – but equally fresh – look, pack the Rainbow Sleeve Knit in Yellow too


2. The Stylish Biker Jacket

Shop the look: Suede Biker Jacket in Stone, Suede Biker Jacket in Blue 

You don’t need to spend much (or even any) time on two wheels to rock a biker jacket. This Rowen Avenue showstopper, available in stone or blue, shows you can work a rugged style and still look ultra-chic. It’s got the long sleeves, notch collar and asymmetric zip fastening that will have you turning heads everywhere you go. Slip it on over a dress on cooler evenings or team with jeans by day.


3. The Comfy Cardigan

Shop the look: Leaf Cardigan in Blue, Leaf Cardigan in Pink 

Whether you wear it in pastel pink, sky blue or cool khaki, this cosy cardigan has summer layering down to a T. It’s the ultimate throw-on-and-forget-about-it item. Nothing really beats the easy versatility of a cardigan, and whether the weather on your staycation calls for you to layer up or dress down, you’ll be glad for having packed this comfortable and easy-to-wear item in your holdall.


4. The Lightweight Cover-Up

Shop the look: Jacket in Navy, Jacket in Black 

Updating your collection of summer holiday outfits for 2021 doesn’t have to mean selecting items that will only work in one season, and then never again. After all, the more you get the basics of your outfit right – including comfort, fit and ease of care and maintenance – the more mileage you’ll get out of it, from summer to autumn. This lightweight navy jacket from J’aime La Vie is also available in black; either way, it embodies timeless, laidback style.


5. The Perfect Sunglasses

Shop the look: Ladies Sunglasses in Brown with Brown Lens and Gold Circles, Men’s Sunglasses in Smoke Aviator 

If you think shades are merely about shielding your eyes from the harshest sunlight, think again. Yes, that factor’s important, so it helps to choose sunglasses – like these two – that offer full protection against UVA and UVB rays for when the sun is out. But, you should also consider which style of shades work best for your face shape. Women with square-shaped faces, for example, might look to soften their features with rounded frames like these brown sunglasses from Raymond Boucheron. Meanwhile, if you have an oval face, you may be tempted by Franco Carducci’s (always effortlessly cool) Aviator shades. Just make sure the size of frame you choose is as wide as your face, with the frame’s upper part in line with your eyebrows to balance proportions.


6. The ‘Day Out’ Essentials


Red stripe picnic basket


How could we not cite some of our best-selling outdoor dining essentials in this rundown? With the height of picnic season nearing, we’ll be serving up lunch in this complete floral storage set. Not only is it colourful and practical – making it ideal for enjoying snacks on a road trip – but it’s also made from natural bamboo, so is environmentally friendlier than plastic.

Up next: Looking for more ways to upgrade your new-season wardrobe? Discover the biggest trends for summer 2021.