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Fraud Websites in Operation

Carraig Donn have been made aware of several websites posing as Carraig Donn. The websites look very genuine. They have our logo, products and all products are being sold at up to 90% off. They are advertising that we are having a closing down sale.


This is a sophisticated Online Phishing Scheme.
If customers purchase from these websites they will not get any goods and they may not be able to recover their money.


The fraud websites have been advertising on social media platforms + Google Adwords. It is our belief the fraud sites are capturing customers via these advertising channels.


Below is a listing of the websites known to be in operation. (there could be more)

https:// carraigdonn. shop
https:// www.cdtopdeal. com
https:// cdonlinesales. shop
https:// cdfinalsale. com
https:// cdoutletstore. com
https:// cdoutlets. com
https:// carraigdonnsale. com
https:// cdfinalsale. com
https:// cdonlinedeal .com
https:// cdhugesale .com
https:// cdonlinesale .shop
https:// carraigdonn. durbanoutlet. shop/
https:// carraigdonn. blanchardstowncentre. shop/
https:// carraigdonn. clothingie. shop/
https:// carraigdonn. fashionoutletie. shop/
https:// carraigdonnofficial. shop/



Fraud Website


The fraud websites are advertising on Facebook + Google Adwords. We are working Facebook + Google to have these adverts removed. We have reported the fraud websites to the authorities and any relevant third party to try have them removed.


Fraud Social Media


Carraig Donn, like many of our customers, are victim of this Online Phishing Scheme. We do not have control over the websites. Trust, we have sought professional advice from all available sources and we are actively working as best we can to have the sites removed from operation.


Trust shopping from our website is secure & verified. Always check the URL and make sure it is


We ask customers to be very careful online. If you have any queries or concerns please do contact our Customer Support Team


If you have been a victim of the fraud sites and purchased from any of them we recommend you contact your bank immediately. 


We also recommend you are on high alert for any potential further fraud attempts to you via text message or email.


We thank all our loyal customers for your continued support. We are very grateful to the customers who have contacted us in recent days and for those who provided us with very useful information to aid our case in getting these websites removed. We hope this fraud activity will cease shortly. Thank you for your patience & kindness during this time.

Carraig Donn Team.