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May 04, 2022

A Love Story Of Colour

With the weather beginning to boom, we’re all moving away from the dreary and stepping to fabulous bold colours, expressing our personality and bringing light into our lives. Combined with the colour is a shift in the clothing we are wearing. This season’s collection comes in boasting something to suit every taste, so let’s dive into some of this season’s most fashionable trends, and celebrate your love of colour! 

The season has seen a shift in styles with shorter hemlines emerging as a big fashion look in dresses, a graduation from the famed midi we’ve all enjoyed for the last few seasons. The midi is still a strong player and its diversity to be dressed up and down remains a winning style. Jeans & a nice top prevail as a top fashion look this season, which is no surprise as a timeless classic never fades, but is always appreciated.

While simplicity is something we can always look to when we lack wardrobe inspiration, there’s no doubt that bold colours and bright designs are in and here to stay, and you don’t need to be afraid to let that personality shine! Bring your wardrobe to life with statement colours,

Bold is beautiful

Bold is back, and it’s beautiful! Gone are the days of being conservative with your clothing choices, we’re seeing more and more people pushing the envelope to express themselves through their clothing choices, and the accessories that go with it. There’s nothing to be afraid of, but if you’re going to bring in some big colours, do it through the entirety of your outfit and stand out. 

Be seen with the stunning Rachel Dress by J’Aime La Vie - the perfect outfit for summer nights in the garden with your friends. Pair with some trendy shoes, boots or heels and you’re bound to be remembered. Bold doesn’t have to be limiting, when you embrace the love of colour, it opens up a world of possibilities and expression, so go wild! 


girl in orange floral shirt
girl with orange jacket


Green Fashion Is Here To Stay 

Green has been in for some time now, and this once underappreciated colour is now booming across the fashion industry. Representing life, renewal, nature, and energy - green is a must have colour for your wardrobe this year, bringing personality to any ensemble. 

Whether it’s green trousers, a green blouse with jeans, or a floral green dress, you can’t go wrong this season with a bold green. Some of our favourites are these green all-over print wide leg trousers (encompassing the ever popular wide leg style, which is currently growing in popularity!) and this elegant green floral print dress, perfect for those summer parties. 

Green is a colour that compliments all skin tones, it highlights features and expresses itself and you with ease. Try pairing a bold green trouser with a plain green top or blouse to show the true power of this colour, and just how great it looks. 


girl in green trousers girl in green dress


Blue in all its brilliance

Blue has been a wardrobe staple of all ages for many years, this gender neutral colour is versatile, easy to integrate, and just works when you aren’t sure what to wear or want something subtle. But hey, who wants subtleties these days?! It’s easy to fall into what we like to call the ‘blue trap’, where you open the wardrobe or drawer and see so many of your items are the same shade of baby or navy blue, and the variety isn’t quite where you’d like it to be. 

With that in mind, blue can be bold, it can be big and brilliant, but it certainly does not have to be dull! When looking to refresh your wardrobe, there are lots of considerations to factor in (and this goes for all colours!) - The shade of the colour (think ice blue, or cobalt!), the style of the piece of clothing (consider wide leg, flares or oversized tops - All of these are trending this year!), and what you’re going to pair it with. Have you considered your shoes, your jewellery, and any accessories you might put with it? 

Blue is banging on the door of the party with a rejuvenation of life, it’s bold and courageous, and is demanding attention, just like you! 

Bring your wardrobe back to life with some of our blue favourites this spring.


woman in blue pants woman in white trousers



The contemporary collections here at Carraig Donn have diversified throughout the years to remain relevant and attractive to our loyal customer base, and with that comes a desire to always be on top of current trends. Each piece of Carraig Donn merchandise is handpicked with the Irish consumer in mind, but not only that, with our love of fashion trends also comes a desire to remain at the forefront of Irish fashion. With that in mind, we hope you’ve enjoyed dipping your toes into the fantastic collection of colour and a parade of pigment.