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June 23, 2023

Summer Dresses | A Guide To This Season's Popular Dresses

While fashion separates are having a moment in 2023,  and especially so for spring summer, a dress will always be the most reliable option. One and done makes for easy outfit solutions for all occasions. A woman's dress can take her from the office to the dancefloor with the change of an accessory, add a belt or change the footwear to dress up or dress down the look. Versatility is key, cost per wear is very important.


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A cool summer dress is the perfect hot weather solution, linen dresses are without doubt the most breathable when it comes to warm temperatures.
Women's dresses tell a story all by themselves and wearers tend to stick to the shape that’s the most flattering . Deciding what shape suits your personal style is important, combined with the best shape and dress length  for your figure and you have the winning pair. 


Pink Angel Sleeve Dress
Long Sleeve Printed Midi Dress



Midi Dresses

Midi dresses are flattering and versatile, everyday casual and feminine and are the perfect balance between elegant and practical. Midi dresses typically fall below the knee and above the ankle, around mid calf depending on your height. And there is no right or wrong length for this length which is what makes it super versatile. A flattering length when combined with the correct silhouette makes this dress shape super flattering . A slip dress in a midi length is super stylish without showing too much skin. 


 Aqua Blue Midi Dress

Mini Dresses

Mini dresses are the ultimate in flirty playful style, typically falling above the knee . Choose a length that suits your comfort and style and if you have the legs to wear this length then show them off. Choose a mini dress in a silhouette that flatters and embrace this style with footwear options from trainers to boots. 


Black Poplin Mini Dress
Navy Cotton Mini Dress

Maxi Dresses

A firm summer holiday or occasion dress favourite, a relaxed bohemian vibe the maxi dress is a floor length dress that can be both an elegant or relaxed look depending on the accessories. An effortless and easy to wear style that can be worn with a comfortable wedge shoe option. 


Knee Length Dresses

Knee length dresses are refined and the perfect corporate office friendly length if you are looking for a sophisticated style. The length falls right at or just below the knee. The fabric choice in a knee length dress is what can make it one of the most versatile by changing up the accessories this dress can take you from desk to dancefloor. 


White Knee Length Dress
Printed Knee Length Dress


A-Line Dresses

The A line shape has always been seen as the most flattering and has a sophisticated charm. A timeless versatile style that can be worn for lots of occasions and depending on the length can be playful or classic additions to your wardrobe.

 Blue printed A-Line Dress

Wrap Dresses


Wrap dresses are unique in construction and wrap around the body allowing for a customised fit, the full or faux wrap dress is particularly friendly shape for all body types, especially for pregnant or new moms as the shape can grow and shrink as you do . A great shape to accentuate a waistline and give the perfect hourglass figure by cinching in the fabric with the tie belt and your most flattering part. 

Blue Printed Wrap Dress
Blue Printed Wrap Dress

Bodycon Dresses


Bodycon dresses are great for anyone who wants to celebrate their curves and make a statement.  Both a daytime staple when worn with a blazer for work or a denim jacket for a casual edgy look. A good quality fabric with lots of stretch will smooth and support as well as allowing for easy moving. 


 Green Printed Bodycon Dress

Shirt Dresses


Shirt dresses are the ultimate in workwear style while giving effortless relaxed look. A shirt dress is perfect combination of casual and chic with this timeless shape you can create  lots of fashionable outfits. 


Khaki Shirt Dress
Green Printed Shirt Dress

Skater Dresses

A cool shape that is inspired by the A line cut ,fit and flare is a most flattering shape and will help to emphasise the waistline or define a body shape. The term skater dress came from the outfit work by figure skaters as the dress resembles the silhouette created by the skating movement. 


Red Skater Dress


Sleeve Length

Sleeve lengths on women's dresses are another consideration and usually determined by both weather and the setting. While a sleeveless or off the shoulder dress may suit a more informal setting a short, cap or 3/4 sleeve may suit a more workwear appropriate setting. Long sleeves covering the entire arm can create a more modest appearance but make this a sheer sleeve and you have instant glamour. 


Short Sleeved Pink DRess
White Sheer Sleeve Dress




Flatter your shape and enhance your silhouette with good shapewear that will boost your confidence no matter what your dress shape or style. Shapewear is designed to shape, support and enhance the appearance of the body and will help to smooth and contour certain areas. Some will have reinforced panels around the tummy area to give extra support. 



Belts added to a dress will cinch in your waist and define your silhouette. A contrasting colour will help to complete the look. 

Co-ordinating jewellery to finish the look and change the mood of a dress, adding a necklace that will complement the dress neckline. Earrings in a simple or more elevated style will change the look of any dress. 


AND always remember the most important dress accessory is your confidence and personal style. Don't be afraid to take risks when wearing dresses and step a little outside your comfort zone to create a

WOW impression. 

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