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March 10, 2023

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Celebrations of mothers and motherhood dates to the ancient Greeks and Romans who had festivals in honour of the goddesses they worshiped. The modern version of this became mothering Sunday. So, on one special Sunday in spring, we celebrate the mother figure in our lives. It’s the mums doing it by themselves, or raising children who are not their own, the ones who became mums without having a baby, the mums who have left us but still live in our hearts and the mums who are there every day on taxi runs, wiping tears and picking up all the pieces. And don’t forget the nans & grans also helping out and being mums to mums!



Top Mothers Day Gift Ideas 


1-Buy some fabulous flowers, and delivery them in a vase that she will have to use again and again.

2-Make her breakfast in bed with her favourite cuppa or a little mimosa and buy her a new set of mugs or glasses that she will treasure .

3-Take her out for a lovely walk and a picnic, wrap her up in some cosy knitwear (that match her beautiful eyes!).

4-Give mum some time to herself with a pampering gift and let her have an afternoon of relaxation.

5-Get mum a cosy throw and give her a quiet afternoon on the sofa reading her favourite book.

6-Give her some jewellery that will make her sparkle.

7-And for the Glam Mams a stunning blouse for when she hits the town!



Check out lots more gift ideas from Carraig Donn in their gift guide. 

mothers day gift ideas | gifts for mum
mothers day gift ideas




    If you are looking for inspiration, check out these ready-made gift boxes only €36 with a perfect selection of items that mum is sure to love.

mothers day hamper
mothers day gift hamper






Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that cost Nothing but your time


• Go for a walk to her favourite place.
• Print up some photos of you together.
• Binge watch her favourite show with her.
• Clean up (this is the best gift for a busy mum!).
• Make a housework coupon book that she can use any time.
• Make her lunch (and clean up after!).
• Create a special memory with her.

mothers day gifts
mothers day jewellery gift ideas





 And If you have run out of all inspiration..Don't forget the Gift Of Choice with A Carraig Donn Gift Card available online and redeemable in any of our 42 stores or on

 gift card carraig donn





Fun Fact About Mothers Day....
...More phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year!



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