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March 17, 2022

4 of the Most Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is right around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate and honour our Mum’s than with some truly thoughtful gifts. Forget the petrol station flowers and cards at the last minute, we’re here to help you find a gift that’ll have you pulling on Mum’s heart strings, and land you in the good books!

Don’t be that person buying last minute mother’s day gifts. Buying on behalf of the kids? These are the perfect mothers day gift for Nanny, too! Make mother’s day extra special with our best mothers day gift ideas.

Mothers day gift hampers

Not sure what to get Mum? It can be tough to know what to get, but one thing that always wins is showing that you put thought into a gift. When in doubt, a mother’s day gift hamper can be a great way to go. Not only do they supply various gifts at once, they are normally tailored with different interests in mind. Mothers day hampers typically cater to a wide range of budgets, meaning no matter what you want to spend, you can still get a gorgeous gift for Mum on her special day. 

Mum’s work hard, so wellness and self care is key. A wellness hamper is a great way to show you appreciate them. Look bath bombs, bath salts, luxury towels and all of the things to help her unwind. Encompassing all things self soothing, give the gift of tranquillity with a gift box. Just try not to disturb her when she’s using it! Want Mum to be able to pamper herself? Consider a pampering gift so Mum can have some well deserved alone time (and trust us, she’s earned it!).

Carraig Donn Deluxe Wellness Hamper Carraig Donn Luxury Time Out Hamper


Jewellery makes a great mother’s day gift

Not every Mum wants to relax this mother’s day, some may prefer their gift to be something with a little sparkle, and for them we suggest a collection of stylish mothers day jewellery staples. No matter what Mum’s style is, jewellery is always a great choice when you want to bring a smile to her face. If Mum likes to express herself with colour, then perhaps the a necklace would suit, or if she prefers something a little more subtle, maybe just some stunning earrings

Whatever you decide, jewellery is a long standing gift and something that Mum can get joy out of every time she puts it on. It’s personal, it’s thoughtful and it’ll look great on her. 


Knight & Day Sun Rays Earrings In Gold Knight & Day Heart Bracelet in Gold



Gifts for the home

For the mum who takes great pride in her home, there’s nothing better than something unique for their special place from their special child! Flowers and a cuddle are always a winner, and if that’s what you’re thinking, good on you. To make your gift that bit more special, consider pairing those flowers you’re getting with a beautiful crystal vase to finish them off, and give Mum something to use whenever she gets more flowers

Mum’s take great pride in their house, and a It's a real treat for them to put their feet up in the comfort of their own living home, so what about making the house more comfortable for Mum to take some time for herself? 

Think blankets and throws, luxury candles or diffusers or quirky and thoughtful framed art for her to treasure. If Mum is a stay at home Mum, home comforts are a great way to bring a little joy to the day. A welcome reminder every time she sees them. 

Amilie Designs Slatecraft - How Happy The Home Is Scatter Box Ziggy Throw



Boxed Gift Ideas

You aren’t sure what to get your Mum, and that’s why you’re here. Mother’s day shopping doesn’t have to be scary, it can be really simple if you know what to get.

It isn’t just a gift you’ve got to think about this mother’s day, it’s the extra things too. The boxes, bags, the card, the wrapping paper. Here at Carraig Donn, we can take care of most of that for you. If you’re stuck for what to get Mum, then we’ve got you covered.

Our boxed gift ideas are a great way of purchasing something Mum will love, without extra effort. It’s a great way to show you care with somebody that is presented well, meaning you get away without all the effort of wrapping. (Nobody really enjoys it anyway, do they?) Whatever Mum’s style, there’s something for everybody, so there’s no excuse for forgetting! 

Want to show Mum how much you appreciate her? Do something special for her this mother’s day with our boxed gifts.


Soul Accessories Boxed Large Purse in Blue Soul Accessories Boxed Scarf In Pink



Still not sure? Get clothes for Mother’s Day

Last, and by no means least, if you feel comfortable in the knowledge of what Mum likes to wear, then new clothes are a great way to show how much you care, and also how well you know her! 

Colour clashing is hot in 2022, so give an outfit with a little ‘pop’ in the Pala D'Oro Oversized Sateen Shirt in Pink - a gorgeous option for the Mum who isn’t afraid to give their outfit a little flair. Spring and mothers day go hand in hand, and to celebrate the change in the weather you could go with something a bit lighter like a dress. Elegant, and screams class. If Mum prefers something a little more formal in her day, then something wide legged is great, and very popular in 2022!  

Treat her to something special this Mothers day. Nothing says ‘I love you mum’ like knowing what she likes to wear. 

Pala D'oro V-Neck Frill Sleeve Top in Blue Print Rowen Avenue Ruffle Blouse in Pink




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