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August 17, 2021

6 Accessories Your Summer Wardrobe is Missing

Few things complete your look like the perfect summer accessories. From jewellery to belts to bags, it’s those finishing touches that make or break your outfit. But what’s trending right now? Here, we break down the most stylish upgrades for every ensemble, whether you’re heading to brunch or getting ready for a wedding.

1. A Purposeful Belt


Loop a summery belt through your jeans or use it to cinch in a midi dress, and watch the structure of your entire outfit transform right before your eyes. This is an easy way to instantly look more pulled together. Choose taupe or tan belts, that are nicely elasticated for comfort, and the with a flip lock closure that renders it a fine option for on-the-go practicality and style.

2. Beachy Bags


You don’t have to be beach-bound to work this season’s basket bags. These straw bags scream ‘summer’, and the neutral tones ensure they go with every outfit. Go for a classic weave with a long strap for easy, breezy daytime wear, or opt for a sage green style to inject a subtle splash of colour.

3. Statement Earrings


When you’re looking to amp up the glamour, there’s little to match a set of gold or rose gold earrings. Choose from small, delicate pieces or larger, statement-making hoops – all presented in beautiful gift boxes. If you wear just one piece of jewellery, these are the pieces to reach for, giving even a simple white t-shirt and jeans a subtle style update.

4. Classic Sunglasses


For sunglasses that go with every outfit, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black frames. These chic, sleek picks are always on trend – and they offer full protection against UVA and UVB rays too. Throw them on as you head out the door, no matter if you’re working an off-duty or dressy vibe. They’re so versatile, you can even wear them in the crisp, autumnal sun.

5. A Stylish Face Covering


If you’re imagining to yourself that face masks would be among the last items you could possibly lack when it comes to summer accessories in 2021, you might wish to think again. With COVID-19 unfortunately set to be a fixture of our lives for a while yet, you shouldn’t be reaching for whatever uninspiring face coverings have been left scrunched-up, creased and forgotten in your bedroom drawers.

Instead, don coverings that are as genuinely effective as they are a natural complement to your summer outfit. Look for triple-layered face masks in shades and patterns that best suit a warm and sunny backdrop, but which are also easily washable and reusable for comfortable day-to-day wear.

6. Slide-On Sandals



‘Laidback’ is the style du jour this summer, which is why we’ll be sliding on our sandals all season. They’re chic, comfortable and effortlessly glam – perfect for styling up an outfit for day or night. Try a goes-with-everything camel tone or pearl-studded white for a dressier vibe. Teamed with a basket bag, they go perfectly with shorts, dresses and skirts

At Carraig Donn, we’re all about the fashion accessories that will complete your style and readiness for this summer with a difference. Also check out our breakdown of summer 2021 trends to make sure you’re prepared for anything.