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February 14, 2022

5 Winter Accessories to Elevate Your Style

In winter, accessories do so much more than complete your favourite outfit. They’re also there to add warmth to your look, making them true multi-taskers. Sometimes, it might feel like you need to compromise style to stay cosy when the temperature drops, but we’re here to show you that’s not the case. Here are five winter accessories that actually elevate cold-weather clothing…

1. A Printed Scarf

Blue Pattern Scarf


A quick way to add detail to your winter outfit? Throw on a printed scarf. Choose one that complements the colour of your coat and, better yet, the jumper or dress you’re wearing underneath. Thinner scarf fabrics are ultra-versatile, as you can wear them outdoors and indoors. Double-loop one around your neck for extra warmth when out in the cold, then wear it draped over your shoulders inside. 

2. A Crossbody Bag

Black bag Handbag Straps


Keep your hands free for tucking into pockets with a crossbody bag. They look stylish all year round, but take on a whole new purpose when the cold of winter comes around. Plus, these bags look extra-chic over the top of a wraparound or tailored coat. Try the latest trend for interchangeable straps, so you can switch up the vibe whenever you fancy. The straps above are just some of many we stock from Pala D’Oro Accessories

3. A Pair of Touch Screen Gloves

Blue Gloves Pink Gloves


Touch screen-friendly gloves once only came in a limited number of designs, but now you find the clever tech in the most stylish of accessories. Case in point: these suede gloves, which feature touch screen tips on the index fingers, so you can access your phone without having to brave bare hands in the cold. Choose a pair that makes a statement against your coat. Think navy gloves against grey, or fuchsia gloves against black.  

4. A Pair of Winter-Appropriate Sunglasses

Sunglasses Sunglasses


Yes, you can wear sunglasses in winter. In fact, you sometimes need to, as that cool, late-winter, early-spring sunshine can be pretty glaring on cloudless days. For a pair that feels winter-appropriate, you want to steer away from brown tones and aviator styles, and head more for black, sleek frames with grey or purple-tinged lenses. Try the Vanille or Tulia Sunglasses by Pilgrim, which look ultra-chic right now, but can still be packed on your next far-flung getaway. 

5. A Cosy Pair of Slippers

Slippers pink slippers


You didn’t think we just meant outdoor accessories, did you? The ultimate act of self-care is buying yourself a pair of slippers that style up your loungewear looks, while keeping you super-warm. Go for something soft and fluffy, like these flattering slip-ons. They’re a WFH staple you can pair with jeans or joggers all through winter (and spring). Simply choose a colour that matches your off-duty wardrobe. 

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