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We are so excited to launch our new online series, Table Talk! ⁠

Join TV Chef Edward Hayden for a line up of seriously delicious Summer dishes - from light bites, to lunch ideas and sweet treats! 

This week Edward is here to show you how to recreate his delicious Mango Chutney and Chicken Wraps. This dish is a perfect light-lunch option for the warmer summer months and tastes even better when you're dining al-fresco!

Mango Chutney and Chicken Wraps

Mixed lettuce leaves
Red onion & cucumber relish
12oz/350g Roast/poached chicken
4 plain or wholemeal wraps
Mango Chutney & Yoghurt Dip:
3 tablespoons natural yoghurt
3 tablespoons mango chutney
1 tablespoon chopped mint (optional)
Mix the yoghurt, mango chutney and mint (if using) together in a bowl, then season and set aside.
Divide the mixture in half and mix the roast/poached chicken to one half and use the other half of the dressing at the assembly stage
Red Onion & Cucumber Relish:
1 small red onion, finely chopped
½ cucumber, finely chopped
½ small bunch mint, finely chopped
Combine the red onion, cucumber and mint in a separate bowl.

Place the wraps out on the work surface and spread with some of the mango yoghurt. Place some of the lettuce leaves on top and then pile high with the chicken mixture and the red onion and cucumber relish. Wrap very tightly and then slice the wrap in half and serve as desired. Decorate with some micro herbs and edible flowers

Lemon & Lime Drizzle Slices
"At home when we were all young we had the ‘bun press’ and when visitors arrived it always seemed to supply. These tangy lemon and lime slices are for all your unexpected visitors."
8oz/225g butter, softened
8oz/225g caster sugar
Zest of ½  lemon
Zest of ½  lime
4 eggs
8oz/225g self-raising flour
    4oz/110g icing sugar
    Juice of 1 lemon
    Zest of ½  lemon
    Zest of ½  lime
    Lemon/Lime zest to garnish

      Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas Mark 4.

      Grease and line an 11 x 7 inch/ brownie/traybake tray with parchment paper.

      Place the butter, sugar and lemon and lime zest into the electric mixer and beat for 3-4 minutes until it has a pale creamy consistency. Whisk in the eggs then sift in the flour and beat for another 2-3 minutes

      Transfer into the prepared cake tin and bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.

      Allow to cool on a wire rack. Meanwhile make up the topping.

      Mix the lemon juice with the icing sugar and beat until a runny consistency has been achieved. Add some lemon and lime zest (reserving a little for garnish).

       Extra lemon juice or boiling water can be used to loosen further if required.

      Drizzle or spread the icing over the top of the cake and then cut the cake into bars/slices, scattering some of the reserved lemon and lime juice and some edible violas.

      Edward’s Handy Hint

      "I normally cut all the crusts off first before I cut into slices; you can decide yourself what to do with the crusts!"

      Buttermilk Pancakes, Berry Compote

      Pancakes are a commodity with many various differing types and recipes. The recipe I am giving you is for the American style pancakes which are very well risen. Pancakes, in some form, are eaten and enjoyed worldwide. Traditionally in Ireland pancakes were made on Shrove Tuesday, the eve of the beginning of Lent - which was a time of fast and abstinence so making pancakes in olden days was a great way of using up rich ingredients like egg and butter in preparation for this feast of special solemnity. Nowadays, pancakes are much more common and can be served as either sweet or savoury.


      Pancake Batter:

      10oz/300g plain flour
      2 large eggs
      2oz/50g caster sugar
      7floz/200ml buttermilk


      Maple syrup
      Freshly whipped cream
      Fresh mixed berries
      Mixed berry compote

      Sieve the plain flour into a large bowl. Add in the sugar and mix well.

      Break in the two eggs and mix a little. The mixture at this stage will be quite lumpy but - DON’T PANIC!

      Mix in the buttermilk, little by little. Whisk well ensuring that you remove all lumps. The batter should be a very thick coating consistency. Transfer to the fridge and allow to rest for up to 1 hour
      Heat a large frying pan with some butter and then drop three large tablespoons batter onto the pan and allow to cook gently for 3-4 minutes on that side, and then turn the pancake over onto the other side until it too is golden brown.
      Transfer to a large serving platter and serve with some berry compote and fresh fruit or your choice of toppings

      Berry Compote

      6oz/175g fresh/frozen berries (strawberries, redcurrants, blueberries, raspberries etc)
      2oz/50g caster sugar
      50ml water
      In a large saucepan place all the prepared fruits. You can leave all the fruits whole with the notable exception of the strawberries which you can cut into quarters and add to the rest of the fruits. Scatter the sugar on top of the fruits and add the water

      Heat very gently to allow the fruits to soften but also to generate a little fruity syrup.

       All tableware used by Edward in this cooking demonstration is from our Eclectic Collection, exclusive to Carraig Donn stores and online. Shop the full range here.